Anime Music Videos

These artworks were conceived, compiled, edited, and produced by Guz and Goddess. No claim is made to ownership of the source material, which remains the property of the original artists noted for each work.

We permit non-profit redistribution. We prohibit further edits or derived works, and inclusion in compilations, except by special permission. (Inquire within by sending email to 'amv' at this site.)

Videos were encoded/compressed with the following software:
DivX ;-) 3.11 alpha

NOTE: Higher resolution versions are available at (scroll down to the bottom of that page).
Livin' In The Fridge 240 x 160 [DivX 16 MB], 160 x 120 [DivX 5 MB]
2001 Feb. Premiered at Fanime Con 2001
MUSIC "Livin' In The Fridge", Weird Al Yankovic
VIDEO Cowboy Bebop
This piece was the first effort of Guz and Goddess. The requisite video technology reached our grasp just as we saw episode 11, "Toys In The Attic" and the concept demanded realization.
By applause, we took first place in the "Comedy" category, and first place again in "Best Overall."
Bebop Down The Road 240 x 160 [DivX 20 MB], 160 x 120 [DivX 6 MB]
2002 Apr. Premiered at Fanime Con 2002
MUSIC "Ease On Down The Road", from The Wiz
VIDEO Cowboy Bebop
Conceived during exploration of Livin' In The Fridge, and completed in time to become our 2002 entry. Not as inspired, but still fun to make.
It didn't make it into finals, but was probably screened during semi-finals.