8 Ball
Make sure you understand the preparations before applying!

        %#%#%#%#%   A P P L I C A T I O N   %#%#%#%#%

                    for participation in
             Eight Ball: The Blue Goo Adventure

        a Membership Challenge issued by Guzinor's Coven
                      to take place on

                   SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2002

1) Team Name:

2) Captain's Name:

3) Email address:

   Your email address will be the primary point of contact
   with Guzinor's Coven, prior to May 18.  All notices and
   updates will be sent to this address.

4) Cell phone number(s):

   Guzinor's Coven recommends at least one cell per team.
   While not required, you will find them extremely
   convenient on game day to contact us for progress
   confirmation and hint requests.

5) Please list all team members below, including the Captain.
   For each, describe briefly your questing experience.

6) Who is your role model in the history of magic, and why?

7) What spells do you hope to study under the tutelage of Guzinor's Coven?

8) What word or phrase do you feel should have been included in the
   commercial "Magic 8-Ball" messages?

Please email this application to Guzinor's Coven at gc@guz.info.
Application must be RECEIVED by 11:59 PM on SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2002.