8 Ball
Vital Stats
Duration: morning 'til evening
Difficulty rating: 5 out of 10
Team size: 3 to 5 in a car
Style: puzzle chain
Fee: $10 per person (includes end-of-game feast)
Important Dates
Mon. March 18Applications available
Sat. April 13, 11:59 PMApplications DUE
Fri. April 19Acceptance notification
Fri. May 3Registration fees DUE
Sat. May 18, 9:15 AMGame Day

What This Game Is

Like many other Games inspired by the movie Midnight Madness (1980), players travel from location to location in teams, solving the puzzles they find there in order to learn the next location.

Puzzles take many forms. You might find a cryptic riddle, a peculiar map, a locked container, or a strangely-colored object that appears to make no sense at all. As gamers, your role is to extract the solution from each of these, and follow the chain to the finish line.

What This Game Isn't

This is not meant to be a contest, there is no prize (apart from bragging rights) for finishing first. Or second, or third. We appreciate spirited rivalry, but we also encourage you to help each other out if you are so inclined.

You may have heard of or played Games like this one that lasted overnight, with six to eight people in a well-stocked van, and required grueling efforts in puzzle-solving.

This Game is smaller.

You will finish this Game on the same day you start it (many of you by nightfall, and all of you within 12 hours). You need only three to five people in a regular car. Your puzzles will be somewhat easier, and never need specialized skills (particularly technological ones) or equipment.

With this Game we hope to open the experience up to people who are intrigued by the idea, but put off by the intensity of longer Games. Veteran players may also enjoy it and are welcome to apply, but don't cry foul if you find it tame in comparison!

How to Play

  1. Assemble a team of three to five people. Or however many you want to fit in one car (super-vans will be overkill, but if you insist...) Lone players may try their luck with our match-up roster.
  2. Assign a captain. And at least one driver.
  3. Email your application to Guzinor's Coven. Your application must be RECEIVED by SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2002. We will confirm receipt within one business day -- please contact us promptly if you don't receive it.
  4. Teams will be notified by Friday, April 19th, if they have been accepted to play or not. Acceptance will be determined by order of date received, until all slots are full.
  5. Accepted teams must submit to Guzinor's Coven a materials component fee of $10 for each team member in the form of one check made out to Sean Gugler. Mail your fees, with your team name distinctly visible on the check, to
       Guzinor's Coven
       c/o Sean Gugler
       111 Saratoga Ave. #2120
       Santa Clara, CA  95051
    This fee will also cover the feast to be shared at the finish line. If your check is not received by Friday, May 3, your team may forfeit its place in the Game.

    If You Are Accepted

    On Saturday, May 18th, meet at the Starting Location (TBA).
    Registration will begin promptly at 9:15 AM.

    Each team should bring:

    • Cell phone(s). Guzinor's Coven will require periodic contact with you during the game. We also recommend walkie talkies or multiple cell phones for yourselves, as your teammates will tend to scatter at clue sites and won't always come back when needed.
    • Map(s) of Santa Clara county.
    • Five dollars, in singles. You'll know when you need them.
    • Lunch provisions, water. Experience shows degraded puzzling ability and emotional stability when you get hungry and/or dehydrated. Some clues may have no fast food nearby, so plan accordingly.
    • Paper and pencils. Each member should have his or her own scratch pad.
    None of these items are strictly required, but highly suggested.

    Please take a few minutes to review the rules of play before embarking upon your quest.

    Contacting Guzinor's Coven

    Our email address is gc@guz.info.

    Please contact us promptly if any of your registration info changes, such as your cell phone numbers.

    We are also happy to answer any questions you may have, whenever the answers will not compromise the integrity of the Game.
    8 Ball