To the seekers and questors of this world,

It is a burdensome gift, this craving you bear. It gnaws deeply, the dissatisfaction with common ways, the hope for even the briefest glimpse of hidden secrets. Yet how fleeting is that joy, how soon fades the delight of discovering crystalline purpose where others have gazed so often yet seen only darkness!

It takes such a one to appreciate what we have to offer. Magic, you see, is not the illusion of tricksters, nor the fantastic pyrotechnics of literature. It is a part of life, so basic and fundamental that without careful attention, it is quite easy -- and common -- to overlook.

Intrigued? Naturally! It doesn't take the use of any divining potion to know you must be experiencing a quickened pulse and curious, if skeptic, interest; for we have each of us felt this upon our own first exposure.

Let us therefore offer you this challenge. The potion of which we spoke was no idle jest. One of the simplest such divining potions has long been used in commercial products, the most well-known marketed under the brand name of "Magic 8 Ball." We affectionately refer to this formula as "Blue Goo."

You must procure and brew the ingredients for Blue Goo. Your eligibility for membership is very simple to measure; your potion must be powerful enough to divine the location of our meeting house!

Your quest will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2002. We will assist you in every way possible, but the success of your potion will be determined entirely upon your own commitment to clear vision and your purity of belief.

- The Wizards of Guzinor's Coven

8 Ball