8 Ball

Rules of Play

for Eight Ball: The Blue Goo Adventure
  1. Be considerate of people who aren't playing the Game.
    No loud talk in quiet places. Be mindful of your cell phone. Do not hassle the Normals in public places or attract undue attention.

  2. Be considerate of people who ARE playing the Game.
    Do not take more than your share of clues, or tamper with the clue sites. Do not taunt other teams if you're not positive they'll take it in good spirit. Feel free to offer help to other teams if you are so inclined.

  3. Be considerate of THE LAW.
    Guzinor's Coven will not ask you to trespass, speed, or otherwise break the law. If approached by law enforcement agents, do be truthful about your participation in this Game and feel free to put them in contact with us.

  4. One car per team.
    Your team must travel together between locations in one vehicle. While this does limit the size of your team, feel free to make contact with others who are not actively playing. This includes friends at home and strangers who seem approachable (don't forget rule #1).

  5. Call for confirmation.
    Each time you solve a puzzle, call Guzinor's Coven to confirm your solution. Nothing drains the fun out of a Game quicker than arriving at Menlo Park street in Santa Cruz when you should have been at Santa Cruz street in Menlo Park. (Not that we'd know, of course....) Plus, we'll need to keep you apprised of unforseen changes in destiny, often caused by violations of rules 1 and 3.

  6. Cheating is lame.
    The point is to have fun, and Guzinor's Coven is dedicated to providing whatever info you feel you may need to keep it that way. Call us as often as you like. If racing from location to location is more fun than solving the puzzles, we promise to let you do just that, even if it breaks our hearts.