Listen to Radio Justice , an MP3 streamcast feed. See what's now playing . Good tunes, plus funny fake ads. Everyone's application phone call, prefixed by an appropriate song!
The comic book
	[ 4.4MB, HTML]
the inserted application page
	[application.png 3.2MB, 300 dpi]
	[application.jpg 80KB, 100 dpi]
the back side of the application
	[seamonkeys150-preview.jpg 140KB, 150 dpi]
	[seamonkeys300-sharper.jpg 300KB, 300 dpi]
	[seamonkeys600-blowup.png 246MB, 600 dpi]
	(which you can see is VERY grainy, making it hard
	to pick out which of the tiny letters have been deliberately mistyped)
the anchor tab
	[tab.png 1.9MB, 200 dpi]
	[tab.jpg 90KB, 100 dpi]
and its back side
	[masterlock.png 2.9MB, 600 dpi]
	[masterlock.jpg 90KB, 150 dpi]
	(which appears to have been printed at 150dpi, so I'm not as worried
	about details)

Our application materials [ 538KB] submitted in person on June 20, 2004.

In exchange, we received this: [July3.jpg 95KB, 75 dpi]