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Official Photography

Our day was professionally captured on film by Terry Way Photography. (Well, captured on digital storage, if you want to get technical.)

To view these photos and order prints,

  1. Visit the Terry Way website
  2. Click on "Client Access", midway down on the right
  3. Scroll down to May 2005, where you'll find "Sean & Crissy's Favorites".
    • If you want to see all 300+ photos, choose the "Crissy & Sean" gallery instead.
  4. Enter the password "photos".
We apologize that we are unable to offer you a direct link, and also if you have difficulty with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Technical support queries should be directed to ImageQuix, the company that hosts all of Terry's photos.

Additional Photography

Visit our Smugmug galleries to see the photos taken by our guests and ourselves. We chose Smugmug because they allow you, our visitors, to:
  • Order prints
  • Download full-size original images
  • Contribute comments
Special thanks for sharing their photos with us, and making them available to share with you:
  • Linda and Tom LeBlanc
  • Lauren O'Rourke
  • Everyone who made use of our disposable cameras distributed at the reception
Did you take photos, too? We'd love to have copies! Please email us and we'll provide you a mailing address or web upload address.