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Do you have a registry?

Interlude: A Dialogue of Modest Intentions
GUESTS:What may we give you, to demonstrate our love?
BRIDE AND GROOM:Your living bond with us is demonstration enough.
GUEST #1:I'm touched by the beauty of your simplicity. [exit]
GUEST #2:Ha ha, no seriously, what do you want?
BRIDE AND GROOM:Truthfully? We want to keep our condo from overflowing!
GUEST #2:Oh ... so, I'm really off the hook?
GUEST #2:Then, with your blessing, I gratefully take my leave of materialism. [exit]
GUEST #3:But, but, that feels so wrong. I just have to get you something!
BRIDE AND GROOM:Your generosity overwhelms us. Let us then contemplate what we might enjoy receiving.
GUEST #3:Yay!
Cultural brainwashing is just really, really hard to fight. Therefore, that we may avoid getting one of these, or one hundred of these, we have knuckled to societal pressure and compiled a honeymoon / charity registry. And, if even that's too weird and wiggy for your delicate sensibilities, indeed a Most Traditional Registry as well.